Why join “by_myblogger”?

Competitive and easy earnings

Use your social media profile, your blog or your friends and promote Vlm Travel services by earning money.

You can work whenever you want

You can use be_myblogger either as a main job or as a side job and make money by promoting Vlm Travel services.

Lots of travel services that you can promote

Vlm Travel provides services such as hotel reservations, travel packages, cruises, activities and tours, transfers and much more to domestic and foreign customers.

How do you take part in be_myblogger?


You fill out the application and we get in touch with you.


If your application is approved, we give you access to promotion materials and arrange an online meeting with a representative of our office for training.


With your first sale we send you an agreement between us.

How does it work


With the approval of your application, after you do the online training with our representative and we give you promotional material to use


You get the discount code for booking hotels, packages, cruises, activities and Transfers.


The discount codes that you will give to customers will help you promote the services more easily. These codes will have unlimited validity!

We all win together

How you win:

You fill out the application and we get in touch with you.

Stay tuned

In addition to the original material you will receive, you will be constantly informed about any new campaign Vlm Travel releases. You will also be informed about the percentage of profit and discount that you will have and will offer respectively.

Be Active

Post and inform potential customers with our material, or by uploading your own personal videos promoting the services you want.

Good fences, make good neighbours

In every sale that comes from you, with your code either online or by phone, your account will be updated automatically. At the end of each month, your account will be cleared and regardless of the amount, the amount you have withdrawn will be deposited to your account for to you to remain active. The only case of not being paid is for the reservation to be cancelled, but you and your account will be notified!

Tips and rules

Be smart

Evaluate your friends and family circle as well as your followers and suggest locations and trips according to your preferences and budget. If you have a question and want to discuss it together, we will always be in touch.

Be proactive

If you have a request or think that if we create something together you can sell more, don't hesitate to contact us!

Let's follow the rules

Transactions and management of each booking will only be done through Vlm Travel so that things are clear. Also, the material you will upload yourself (such as personal videos or graphics) should be sent to us for approval to ensure that the information uploaded is correct and that there is no offensive or abusive content. We won't be late to respond to you! We respond in one working day to upload content!

What are you waiting for? Apply now!


Article 1


1.1. The Company with the name VLM TRAVEL TOURISM SERVICES PROVISION I.K.E., with the distinctive title "Vlm Travel", located at Leoforos Aigaiou Street, Batsi Androu, with VAT number 800928664, hereinafter referred to as the "Company", is a general office tourism and organizes and provides travel packages, hotels, activities, cruises and transport for Greece and for any other country inside or outside the EU. These services are displayed, promoted and sold through an Electronic (Digital) Platform and specifically through the website https:/ /www.vlmtravel.gr and https://www.vlmtravel.com

1.2. The user (and prospective Affiliate) of the #be_myblogger service has the relevant experience in advertising products and services through their own media


Article 2


2.1. The user and prospective Partner, for any reason, will not disclose to any person (natural or legal), employee, partner, subcontractor and generally to any third party, nor will they use in any way, any information or element related to the Company.

Indicative and not limiting as confidential information means:
Financial and statistical data, unpublished, of the Company or its customers, business partners and suppliers
Pricing policies and information, operational or strategic plans, development plans, studies, trade and business secrets.

Contracts, agreements, merger, acquisition or asset disposal plans.
Customer, business partner and supplier data including contact details, specifications and preferences as well as data that employee-partners or third-party partners or consultants collect in the course of providing work and the company has a legal or contractual obligation to protect (e.g. credit card details or personal data, financial data)

Employee information and data, including contact information, salary/compensation/benefits information
Software or computer programs
Furthermore, the user and prospective Partner will take all necessary measures to prevent such information from being passed on to third parties.

2.2. In case of violation of the above under 3.1. condition, the Company is entitled to claim compensation for any positive and/or incidental loss.

3.1. όρου, η Εταιρεία δικαιούται να απαιτήσει αποζημίωση για κάθε θετική ή/και αποθετική της ζημία.


Article 3



The company provides access to e-mail, Internet messaging programs, telephone devices and other types of communication to serve the user's purpose.
It remains the user's responsibility to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the communications infrastructure provided to them by the company.
When using the Company's communications infrastructure, the following should be taken into account:

- These systems are intended for specific purposes only. Limited and occasional use of the company's communications systems (eg email, internet and telephone) for personal purposes is permitted, as long as such use is not excessive and does not interfere with the performance of the agreed purposes.
- When communicating with any third party, pointless, excessive and inaccurate statements should be avoided.
- It is prohibited to access, send or receive inappropriate information or content that may be considered offensive, abusive, derogatory or disturbing to others, such as sexual messages, jokes or offensive comments against nationality, race, political beliefs, appearance.
-Sending internal correspondence or confidential material outside the company is prohibited unless expressly authorized to do so.
- Downloading, reproducing or redistributing copyrighted material, such as music, movies, images or software, is a violation of laws or regulations and subject to criminal and civil penalties.
- Be very careful when opening attachments or e-mails, especially if they are not related to the company or come from an unknown source. Particular caution and care is required when financial, corporate information or customer details are requested by e-mail or telephone from persons outside the Company.
- Special care is required to manage and keep company-provided IDs and passwords confidential.
- The sending and receiving of messages and generally the communication through the information and communication systems provided by the company or belonging to the company, are the property of the Company.


Article 4


4.1. The prospective Partner acknowledges and accepts that the Company applies certain policies for all users, of which policies he has become aware and undertakes to comply with them.

4.2. The user further undertakes to always behave with courtesy, professionalism and in a way that will not offend the business and social image and reputation of the Company, especially when viewing the packages.

4.3. As the present terms of cooperation may be frequently updated by the Company, the user has the obligation and responsibility to inform himself, through the Online website, where the terms will be posted. He must know and accept the changes.


Article 5


5.1 The intellectual property (intellectual, including copyright and related rights and industrial property) whether registered or not (indicative and not limited, trademarks, distinctive features, designs, models, patents, brands, images, catalogs, databases, layout [lay out], know-how [know-how] etc.) and any other relevant and/or associated rights (such as those of trade secrets and/or others) in, and/or relating to, and/or contained in and/ and related to the Platform, systems, applications, mobile devices, bases, data and/or any other works and/or products and/or functions and/or tools in general, as well as any parts and/or copies and/or versions thereof, are the exclusive property of the Company and/or any licensors or affiliated companies and/or its subcontractors, however not the user.

5.2 By using the program, absolutely no intellectual property rights or other rights are transferred or assigned to anyone. Only the user and no other natural and/or legal person is granted a limited, revocable, non-exclusive license to use the material, solely and solely for the specified purposes. Unless otherwise expressly provided, it is strictly prohibited in any way and for any reason, to display and/or refer to and/or copy and/or describe verbally, in writing and/or in any other manner and/or medium, as and any element, content, excerpt, part, data thereof and/or any other information relating to and/or related to the Platform and/or its operation.


Article 6


The user undertakes to comply with the applicable rules for personal data, as they apply from time to time, including the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – “GDPR”), Law 4624/2019, Law 3471/2006, of the current decisions, opinions and directives of the Personal Data Protection Authority ("PDPA"), as well as any relevant legislation (collectively referred to as "Personal Data Protection Legislation") regarding its obligations in relation to any processing (collection, storage, notification, etc.) of personal data that may be communicated to him during the collaboration.


Article 7


7.1. The reservation must be made exclusively by the customer-consumer, using the user's discount code. Under no circumstances does the user of the platform have the right to make reservations on behalf of the company's customers through his own profile. In order for the bookings to be valid and for both the discount and commission to apply to each user, they should not be made from their account. Customers should book THEMSELVES and not have the platform user do it on their behalf.

7.2. The user of the platform is obliged to refer customers to the information on the page or to the Company's contact details for all their additional questions, as well as for anything related to travel services. Under no circumstances should he give information that may turn out to be wrong, no matter how reasonable it may seem to him.


Article 8


8.1. Since the user and prospective Partner wishes to enter into a cooperation agreement for the promotion of the packages for a fee, in accordance with the current legislation, a relevant casual employment agreement must be signed before any financial transaction between the parties.

8.2. In case the Partner is a freelancer, the collaboration is done by issuing a service invoice.

8.3. The registration of the user on the platform, the navigation of the function and its use, do not constitute any kind of professional cooperation, before a contract is concluded and some financial transaction takes place.